Florida Federation Basic Skills Junior Development Clinic Scheduled

Clinic for Florida Junior Development skiers will be held on Saturday, April 7th at Sunset Lakes / Jack Travers – 202250 CR 33 – Groveland, FL. 34736

The junior skiers will have both land and water time instructions. Coaches for this event will be as follows.

SLALOM: Nate Smith & KC Wilson

TRICKS: Kevin Jack & Russell Gay

JUMP: Scott Ellis

This is going to be a pick three event for our lucky skiers this year.

EXAMPLE: A skier can jump once, slalom once and trick once. He or she can trick twice and jump once. They might want to slalom twice and trick one.

PLEASE NOTE: No skier will be allowed to pick just one event and do it three times. This would create a log jam for us on one of the lakes.

If your junior skier is jumping, they need to be on the starting dock with Scott Ellis AKA The Real Rocket Man at 08:30 AM for his dry land instruction. Make sure they have their water ski equipment ready to go.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for our junior skiers to learn what it takes to become a champion competitor. The clinic will start at 9 am and will cost $15.00 Per event with a minimum charge of $20.00 which will include lunch for all of the participants.

Be sure and bring proof of your current USA-WSWS membership and Florida Federation Card . Contact Bill Martins for details and your registration for the event. EMAIL: Bill28Off@MSN.Com or Call him 813-992-3293


PRESIDENT: Gordon West

DIRECTOR: Bill Martins

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