Florida Wins National Team Championships Competition

Florida repeated as the National Team champions at the 2017 National Championships in San Marcos, TX.

Dennis Longo, the Florida team captain worked overtime to put together a great team of athletes to complete for the team championships. The team members were:

Junior Team

Kennedy Hanson, Brooke Baldwin, Anna Gay, Kristen Baldwin, Conner Pauley, Erick Macias-Sedano and Bodie Cole.

Men Team

Dennis Longo, Corbin Guyer, Stephan Seal, Tim Huston, Jack Mills, Mark Bozicevic, Jeff Kepchia, Stan Switzer, Marc Bedsole, Hank Longo and Scott LaMarche.

Women Team

Mary Koenig, Monica Seal, Brenda Cavenaugh, Camille Tyler, Patricia Burt, Kim Wilson, Shannon Mills, and Sara Lemley.

Excellent skiing by all of our team members and a big thank you from the Florida Water Ski Federation membership.

Below are the top three team placements. Click on the link at the end of the article to view the scorebook for the 2017 National Water Ski Championships and click on Team Results at the top of the page to see all of the combined Team Results followed by the Florida team members and their scores for each event.

Combined Team Results

Plcmt Team Name Slalom Plcmt Trick Plcmt Jump Plcmt Total
1 FLA Florida 11205 11420 8420 31045
2 CTX Central Texas 10030 11050 9470 30550
3 NOCAL Northern CA 11680 7690 5990 25360


Click here for the 2017 National water Ski Championships scorebook

Congratulations to all of the Florida Team members!

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