Latest Updates From Jeff Surdej AWSA President

-Thank you, everyone, for a great meeting, thanks to Lake Myrtle Park for the room and to Gordon Hall for running the meeting.  That’s my 4th one as president and they keep getting better and better or at least less painful :).  But seriously thank you for continuing to try and propel the sport along, we still have a long way to go but we ended the year with a slight increase in membership.


 -U21 worlds will be held in Shalom Park Canada July 4-7, that is a change in dates from their original announcement, thanks to Bob Corson is helping to get those dates moved off of the Jr Us Open weekend

 -New TC manuals have been updated and posted online

 -Ski Wisconsin is excited to announce a Pro/Am in conjunction with the Jr US Open, the Stillwater’s Team Challenge with $39,500 in prize money   Top four overall skiers from the Jr US Open will advance to a team round, collegiate style, where they will draft four pro’s from the OW/OM overall ranking list, to form four, five person teams.   Following the team round, the top three skiers in each will advance to head to head slalom, head to head trick and jump.  In addition to the prize pool for the three finals, an overall score will be calculated for an additional prize pool.   Visit: for more info, or contact Tony Drake:

 -The new 4-year cycle for judges, scorers, and drivers will begin in 2020 after the current 2-year cycle is complete.

 -America’s cup is officially set for Wednesday August 7th

 -Goode Nationals schedule, hotel, and all info should be live very soon online

 -2021 AWSA Nationals was awarded to Waters Edge, 2020 Jr Us Open was awarded to Mystic lakes.  Bids for 2022 and 2021 Jr Us Open

 -Splasheye has come up with a new 1 grid Video Jump option for sale and its 30% off for AWSA members.  Please spread the word!

 $ 700-Single Grid – One camera USB Capture device/software for Windows 10, replacing the BC video jump Windows XP program. Includes usb capture card, VJ software and software support)  (you will need to supply a Windows 10 Intel Desktop/Laptop) SplashEye works in semi-automatic mode. No upgrade to full SplashEye system.

 3 Grid – Desktop System with 4 camera capture card.   Includes HP Desktop Computer, 4 port video capture card. No ramp sensor or scoreboard. SplashEye works in semi-automatic mode. Upgrades available to full SplashEye system if required. $ 3,000

 These packages can be purchased by individual sites or at the state level (licensed to State Federation) and used at any tournament/site within the State.  The TC committee is no longer building WindowsXP jump computer w BC jump program.  If you need a jump computer program for the upcoming year please reach out to Donal for your jump computer needs.  The program is the same grid setup as BC VJ and does not require any additional bouys or cameras.

 Jeff Surdej

AWSA President

NCWSA Chairman


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