2019 Florida State Championships Bulletin – #SkiSunshineState2019

The 2019 ski season is well underway, and we hope you are all enjoying your time on the water.

We are getting excited as it is only a month until the:

“2019 Florida State Championships presented by Ski Fluid and Action Water Sports”

That’s right, on July 13/14 we are hosting the 2019 Florida State Championships and can’t wait to watch the best skiers in Florida compete for the titles.

Schedule of Events:

The official schedule and running order will be announced closer to the event. Tentatively we will be starting with Tricks each day, followed by Slalom, then Jump. All of the Junior divisions will be completed on Saturday.

Although the event is sanctioned to start on Friday 12 July, that afternoon will only be used if the weekend entry limit is surpassed.

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