AWSA Approves Four Towboats For 2019

To be used in competition, three-event towboats must meet certain performance standards that are designed to give skiers and drivers optimum conditions during tournament competition. These standards are established by AWSA’s Towboat Committee to achieve tournament-capability status. Each boat must pass a series of 11 tests and sub-tests: power and acceleration, handling and maneuverability, engineering, drivability, sound level, slalom course center-line deviation, slalom spray, jump course center-line deviation, and slalom, tricks and jump wake evaluations. Four competition towboats from three manufacturers have been approved to pull athletes in American Water Ski Association-sanctioned tournaments in 2019. The American Water Ski Association (AWSA) is one of nine sport discipline organizations of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, the national governing body of organized water skiing in the United States. Towboats approved for AWSA competitions in 2019 are: Malibu Response TXi, MasterCraft ProStar, 2019 Ski Nautique, and 2019 Nautique 200. For technical information on the respective towboats, click here (PDF).

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