The Florida Water Ski Federation (FWSF) is a Florida Not For Profit Corporation which was formed to promote and coordinate the sport of water skiing in the State of Florida.

We coordinate the scheduling of all American Water Ski Association (AWSA) tournaments in the state, hosted by affiliated USA Water Ski Clubs (USA-WS) and educate members in the rules and operational procedures necessary for competitive water skiing under the sanction of the AWSA and to promote water and boating safety throughout the state.

The FWSF is the representative of the AWSA and the Southern Region, within the state of Florida and coordinates and promotes the Florida State Championship tournament each year.

We maintain the list of the current FWSF State records, set during the Florida State Championships each year.

Each year, through Junior Development Clinics hosted across the state, we encourage and teach new skiers the basic and advanced techniques necessary for them to improve the skills needed to improve their competitive skills in tournaments.

Through email blasts to the membership and our website, we strive to keep our members informed of the AWSA water skiing activities in Florida on an ongoing basis.