2024 Tournament Selection

Just a friendly reminder that you are required to be a Florida Federation member to participate in these tournaments.
February 17-18 – Officials Clinic Okeeheelee
February 24-25  – FSC @ Travers
March 2-3
March 9-10
March 9-11  Moomba Masters
March 16-17
March 23-24 – Okeeheelee Class C Slalom
March 30-31
April 6-7 LaPoint Ski Park
April 13-14 FSC @ Travers
April 13th…Drew April 14th
April 20-21 Swiss Pro Tricks
April 21 Okeeheelee Record Slalom
April 27-28 Ski Fluid Classic
May 4-5 Swiss Pro Slalom May 5
May 9-10
Mar 11-12 LCQ
May 11 LCQ Jump@ Travers
May 12 Swiss Spring Classic
May 17-19 Ski Watch
May 18-19 LCQ @Travers
May 25-26 River City
                  Okeeheelee Record Slalom
May 25th US Masters, GA
June 1-2 Lakeland Open 76th Ski Paradise @ Mulberry
June 1 Lake 38
            Pro-Am Miami Ski Club
June 8-7 Hobe Lake
June 15-16 Fluid Summer Showdown
June 22-23 Ski Watch
                   River City
June 27-30 Jr US Open, Texas
June 29-30
July 6-7 Stillwater
July 13-14 Florida State Championships    Lake Myrtle Sports, Auburndale, FL
July 20-21 Fluid Polk City Open
July 27-28 Southern  Regionals  July 24-27 Paducah, KY
July 27-Aug 3 IWWF World Under 17 Waterski Championships
August 3-4
August 10-11
August 13-17 82nd Goode Water Ski National Championships
August 17-18
August 24-25
Aug 31-Sept 1 Fluid Fall Record
September 3-8 Stillwater
September 7-87th IWWF World 35+ Waterski Championships. Spain
September 14-15 Okeeheelee
September 21-22 Ski Watch
September 28-29 River City
October 4,5, & 6 Grand Prix
                    Hobe Lake
October 12-13 Fall Classic @Travers
October 12 River City
October 13 Swiss Fall Classic
October 17 Okeeheelee
                   Swiss 55K Warm Up
October 19-20 Holy Cow Cup @ Ski Fluid
              55K WEST @ Swiss
October 24-27 King of Darkness
October 24-26 LaPoint Ski Park
November 2-3 Miami Pro Slalom
November 9-10
Dec 7-8 Ski, Freeze, or Die @ Lake 38

Jr Development Clinic

We are very grateful to our new Jr Development Coordinator Aaron Larkin for getting another great clinic sanctioned for September 24th at Action/ Ski Fluid.

Our clinics are currently being funded by generous donations from our waterski community. We are on the lookout for new skiers, so please send them our way. We would like to get them started. We even have been sharing the water with a few show skiers at our clinics.

Click on the link to register today!

Record Setting Weekend at the 2023 Florida State Championships

We had another wonderful state tournament held by Kyle Eade at Ski Fluid. In total, we had 9 records set. Also, William Applegate was our big winner in the kids fishing tournament with a whopping 2.36 pound bass.  

Boys 4 : Slalom Jaeden Eade 1.5 @ 58kph/10.75 

Boys 4: Overall Jaeden Eade 3346.9

Girls 3: Slalom Kiersten Cawley 1@52 kph/12

Men 4: Tricks Randy Shoener 7010

Men 6: Slalom Tim Huston 2@55kph/10.75

Men 8: Tricks Bruce Kisler 2980

Men 9: Jump Dennis Longo 46/14.0 @ 48kph/5.0

Men 10: Slalom George Herzog 2 @ 49kph/18.25

Women 8: Tricks Leza Harrison 2360

2023 Tentative Tournament Schedule and Jr Development Clinics

The link below will open the 2022 Tentative tournament schedule that was prepared at the mid-winter meeting of the FWSF and revised in the days following. We look forward to seeing everyone back out on the water.


Our 2023 Jr Development Clinics:

1. March 11, 2023 in WPB

2. Regional Team Clinic – Sunset Lake/TBD March/April

3. National Team Clinic – Sunset Lake/TBD March

4. Summer Break – WPB/TBD

5. June 10th – Fluid/Aaron Larkin/Action

6. Sept 30th – Fluid/Aaron Larkin/Action

Do you want to get involved?

“To encourage the sport of waterskiing, promote interest, sponsor exhibitions and competitive meetings, and encourage development of proficiency and skill among its members, especially its youth.”

We have several ideas on how to jump start our ski season for 2023, but we need your help. We encourage all Federation members to contact us for a link to our zoom meeting that will be held on January, 21, 2023 at 10AM.    We need people to help us with the YouTube Channel and a Jr Achievement punch card for our kids. This event will be awesome because our guest speaker Marion Mathieu will share with us how she got involved in waterskiing.