AWSA Personal Best Stickers Available

As a reminder, within the My Stats feature of AWSA’s mobile app, when a member achieves a personal best within the previous 12 months, a yellow Personal Best banner appears. Clicking on the banner creates an email requesting one of these Personal Best stickers, which we hope people will collect and display proudly as a symbol of their recent achievements. Up and coming skiers may collect several of them, and who knows, they might become coveted like the reward or pride decals on the back of high school and college football helmets. Skiers and officials can earn a handle for a number of achievements, such as winning Nationals, being a chief official at a major event, or other significant accomplishments.

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USA-WSWS ‘Return To Play’ Announcement

As our communities begin to re-open and get back to some sense of normalcy, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports has been working diligently with the USOPC and our sport discipline organizations to create “return to play” guidelines for our sport. First and foremost, the health and safety of our members is our top priority. These return to play guidelines are meant to provide athletes, coaches and event organizers with best practices and recommendations regarding return to safe water ski activity. Individual water ski activity is considered low risk for COVID-19 transmission; however, the circumstances around COVID-19 are changing constantly.

Beginning on May 18, 2020, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports will resume sanctioned activity for practices, exhibitions, basic skills clinics, and tournaments. It is the responsibility of each club and/or LOC to abide by all public health authorities and local and state government guidelines when determining to host an event in their respective geographic area.

High risk individuals, including older adults and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus and are recommended to avoid sanctioned activity involving groups at this time.

View full USA-WSWS return to play guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding return to play.

In addition, each sport discipline organization will work with USA Water Ski & Wake Sports to create additional best practices for their event organizers (e.g. AWSA recommendations for tournament hosts and NSSA recommendations for show ski teams).

We hope to see everyone back on the water soon. #WeAreWaterSki

AWSA Allows Practice Scores For Rankings

Sanctioned events may be put on hold for the near future, but that doesn’t mean skiers still can’t compete. AWSA is pleased to announce that members can now enter practice scores to be judged online by a panel of officials where final scores will be submitted online to the AWSA national rankings list. Please note that USA Water Ski & Wake Sports and the American Water Ski Association strongly encourage all members to practice social distancing and any other CDC or state guidelines that are currently in place, and remember that USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is not sanctioning (providing insurance coverage) any water ski activity (tournaments, clinics, practices or exhibitions) through May 17.

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Giving Tuesday – Help Support U.S. Teams

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports and its sport discipline organizations are seeking your help in supporting the teams representing the United States in respective international events. Your support will make the difference for those teams, as all donations go directly toward off-setting team expenses to attend these prestigious events. Be a part of the National Day of Giving on Tuesday, Dec. 3 by supporting your teams. Donate Here.

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Drone Insurance Now Available To USA-WSWS Clubs

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports (USA-WSWS) recognizes the growing importance of drones for our water enthusiasts. Drones are useful in the training, education and marketing of our sport and we wanted to find a way to safely incorporate those pieces of equipment. USA-WSWS is now pleased to offer drone insurance as part of our club membership program.

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