2022 Summer Meeting

Date: September 3, 2022
Where: Action Watersports
Present: K.C. Wilson, Andy Griffin, Andre Broussard, Nicole Pauley, Scot Ellis, and Bo Briggs (by phone).

Scot Ellis called the meeting to Order. He approved the last meeting minutes. Our board would like to increase junior memberships.
The ideas include: Creating a Florida Federation YouTube channel, Youth Circuit Class C, and Punch card for Volunteering. Nicole, Bo, and Ashton will be tasked with bringing our ideas to the board.

K.C. Wilson will be added to the checkbook, and will update the board with a working budget. He will also set up a Zoom account for future meetings.

Scot Ellis motioned to have Andy Griffin to be in charge of the metals and trophy’s for our state awards.

Scot Ellis motioned to have a Florida State Committee. This committee will be in charge of helping the selected host site take care of all arrangements related to our state tournament. This will be posted on Facebook after the board approves the location for states.

All of these motions were approved by Andre Broussard, Bo Briggs, Andy Griffin, and Nicole Pauley

The meeting end time: 5:11