Jack Travers

Inducted into the Florida Water Ski Federation Hall of Fame 2007

Jack Travers of Groveland has been the owner/operator of International Tournament Skiing since 1973. It is an elite training camp for competitive skiers of all ages and has been the training site for more than 25 water ski federation teams for more than 30 years. In 1981 he and his wife, Lelani, started Sunset Lakes which is a privately constructed water ski site with three man-made lakes, student housing, pro shop, a full gym and is a world class, record-capability tournament site. Numerous national and world records have been set on the waters over the years. Jack has coached multiple U.S. Water Ski Teams and has helped athletes from many countries develop their skills. He has coached 15 of the original 17 men that jumped 200 feet or better and all but two of the women that have jumped over 150 feet.