New FWSF Officers and Council Members Elected at The Annual Federation Meeting

We had a meeting on Friday evening to discuss the business of the FWSF and hold the election for the officers and council member for 2021-22. The details of the discussions will be detailed in the minutes of the meeting and they will be posted soon.

Kyle Tate was elected as our President and Camille Tyler was elected as the new Vice President; Brenda Nichols was elected as the Treasurer. Andre Broussard was elected as our new councilman.

The officers elected to serve are:

Kyle Tate, President/Council

Camille Tyler, Vice President

Secretary – Kerry Morgan

Brenda Nichols, Treasurer

Dennis Longo, Council

Brenda Nichols, Council

Andre Broussard, Council

Check the contacts section for all of the newly elected representatives and we encourage everyone to contact your representatives with your thoughts on ways to improve your FWSF and any other concerns that you may have.

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