FWSF Junior Clinics Going Strong

In 2021, the Florida Federation held two junior development clinics in the state of Florida. In the Spring, we had 19 kids sign up. It was a full day of coaching from Kyle Eade, Russel Gay, Kevin Jack, Freddy Krueger, Scot Larkin, and Taylor Garcia. This was a great way to introduce our kids to the latest Mastercraft boat as well as getting familiar with a ski site where our state tournament was being held.

Our Fall clinic would have been at Sunset Lakes. Due to high winds and cold temperatures, we had to cancel the event. We would have had 30 skiers at this clinic. We would have provided 28 slalom sets, 15 trick sets, and 6 jump sets. We also had 4 kids who were going to be coming from another state.

In July, Nicole Pauley was elected as our Florida Junior Development Director. Moving forward, she will be hosting clinics in Miami as well as in the panhandle areas to draw in more kids from the other areas of our state. At this time our next clinic will be at Sunset Lakes on March 13, 2022.

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