2018 U.S. Pan Am Water Ski Teams Selected

Seven U.S. Water Ski Teams have been selected to compete in the 2018 Pan American Water Ski Championships, Nov. 12-18, at Lago Los Morros in San Bernardo, Chile. The teams – Under 14, Under 17, Under 21, Elite, Over 35, Over 45 and Over 55 – were selected based on a pre-determined selection criteria approved by the American Water Ski Association’s International Activities Committee and board of directors.

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AWSA Clarifies Two Items At Board Meeting

Two items that were clarified at the American Water Ski Association’s board of directors’ meeting on Aug. 6, 2018 were 1.) Clarification regarding Level 9 and 10 overall; and 2.) Clarification regarding Level 10 overall skiers who have jumped on a 5-foot ramp.

1.) Clarification regarding Level 9 and 10 Overall:

3.03F4: TOURNAMENTS WITH PLACEMENT: Skiers with a Level 9 or 10 qualification in one or two events and skiing in a tournament with placement, such as Regional or National tournaments, may ski in the Elite division for placement and must also ski a second time in their age division event, for Overall score purposes only, if desiring to compete for Overall placement.

This does not preclude a skier who has individual rankings below Level 10 in one or two events but want to compete in Overall Elite and also age division for placement in those single events.

2.) Clarification regarding Level 10 Overall skiers who have jumped on a 5’ ramp.

While AWSA rules state OM jumpers will use either a 5.5’ or 6’ ramp, jumpers who have achieved a Level 10 status will be able to jump on a 5’ ramp. This was approved by the Rules Committee earlier.

IWWF allows a 5’ ramp and AWSA will follow. Rule approved at BOD

Florida Wins National Team Championships Competition

Florida repeated as the National Team champions at the 2018 National Championships in Maize, KS.

Dennis Longo, the Florida team captain worked overtime to put together a great team of athletes to complete for the team championships. The team members were:

Junior Team

Kristen Baldwin, Matthew Carson, Bodie Cole, Ryan Gay, Kennedy Hanson, Richard (Tri) Johnson, Conner Pauley, Erick Macias-Sedano, Cooper Tate, and Luka Zazadze.

Men Team

Russell Gay, Tim Huston, Bruce Kistler, Scott LaMarche, Dennis Longo, Tyler McDermeit, Jack Mills, Marc Shaw, and Stan Switzer.

Women Team

Kelley Breeden, Patricia Burt, Brenda Cavenaugh, Anna Gay, Debra Gradick, Leza Harrison, Mary Koenig, Jenna Morgan, and Camille Tyler.

Excellent skiing by all of our team members and a big thank you from the Florida Water Ski Federation membership.

Below are the top five team placements. Click on the link at the end of the article to view the scorebook for the 2018 National Water Ski Championships and click on Team Results at the top of the page to see all of the combined Team Results. Also attached is a list of the Florida team members and their scores for each event.

Combined Team Results

Plcmt Team Name Slalom Plcmt Trick Plcmt Jump Plcmt Total
1 FLA Florida 13,890.0 12,000.0 8,360.0 34,250.0
2 NCA NorCal Ski Team 12,965.0 9,310.0 6,020.0 28,295.0
3 NETX North East Texas 11,935.0 7,600.0 7,045.0 26,580.0
4 IL Illinois Ski Team 8,875.0 7,220.0 8,670.0 24,765.0
5 OKA Oklahoma Arkansas 10,740.0 8,050.0 5,580.0 24,370.0


Click here for the 2018 National Water Ski Championships scorebook

Click here for the 2018 Florida Team members scores

Congratulations to all of the Florida Team members!

New FWSF Officers and Council Members Elected At The Federation Meeting Over The Weekend

We had a well attended meeting on Friday evening to discuss the business of the FWSF and hold the election for the officers and council member for 2018-19. The details of the discussions will be detailed in the minutes of the meeting and they will be posted soon.

 Gordon West retired as our President and the we thank him for his extended service to the FWSF as President and a councilman for the Southern Region.

 The officers elected to serve are:

Brian Guyer, President

Jody Seal, Vice President

Michele Seal, Secretary

Jeff Clark, Treasurer

Dennis Longo, Council

Monica Seal, Council

Stan Switzer, Council

 Check the contacts section for all of the newly elected representatives and we encourage everyone to contact your representatives with your thoughts on ways to improve your FWSF and any other concerns that you may have.


Record Setting Weekend At 2018 Florida State Championships

The skiing at the Florida State Championships this past weekend produced many record setting performances and personal bests for the competitors. Our thanks to the members of the Space Coast Water Ski Club, for hosting a great tournament.

Records set this past weekend were mainly in the mature divisions, but there were many PB’s set by our up and coming younger skiers:

Women 7 – Cyndi Benzel set a new slalom record with a performance of 3 buoys at 49kph on a 12m line eclipsing the record set by Ruth Johnston in 2013 of 2 buoys on the 13m line.

Women 7 – Leza Harrison dominated the other events with new records. In tricks she scored 2710 points which eclipsed the long standing record set by Thelma Salmas in 2003 of 2300 points. In jumping her distance of 52’ 15.7m bettered the distance of 39’ 11.7m set by Brenda Cavenaugh last year and with all of this, she upped the overall record to 3245.5 held by Brenda Cavenaugh with 1397.6 points.

Men 7 – Mark Bozicevic tied the slalom record set by Dennis Longo in 2014 with a score of 2 buoys at 52kph on an 11.25m line.

Men 7 – Frankie Dees dominated the other events in the Men 7 division. He upped the trick record to 3180 points from the 3040 points that Stan Switzer set in 2010. His distance of 128’ 39.1m eclipsed the record performance of Tom Kelly in 1999 of 93’ 24.8m and to round out his record setting performances he set a new overall record of 3866.4 points upping the held by Tom Kelly with 3633.1 points.

Men 8 – Stan Switzer upped his record in Tricks to 2390 points from the previous record of 2290 set in 2015.

Men 8 – Dennis Longo upped his overall record from 3101.5 to 3154.8 points set in 2016.

Men 11 – Bill Wenner established a new slalom record for the Men 11 division with a score of 2 buoys at 25kph 23m line.

Congratulations to all of these new record setters and to all of you that set new personal best performances, great job!

The list of all of the Florida State Championship records is posted in the Florida State Records tab at the top of the website.

The scorebook is posted in the results section of the website.